Does Two Brothers have insurance?

Yes, absolutely. Certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all decks receive a standard 18-month warranty.

How long have you been in business?

During the summer of 2001 while home from college, the original Two Brothers began servicing the Chicagoland area in order to pay their way through college.

How long does the deck restoration process take?

In most instances it is a TWO day process – 1st day for cleaning via powerwash and hydroscrub process, 2nd day for the final steps of sanding, staining/seal.

Are the work days completed consecutively?

Typically not, but most projects are completed over a 4-5 day period, weather permitting of course.

What brand of products do you recommend for my deck?

We primarily use Sherwin Williams SuperDeck product line.

Why water based products VS oil based products?

Two Brothers is a GREEN company and recommends environmentally safe products. In addition, oil-based products are more susceptible to and encourage mold growth over time. Oil based products also cost the homeowner more money over the course of a life of deck because of the additional steps required when restoring. Lastly, water based products dry very quickly allowing you to enjoy your deck faster and prevent any issues with unplanned inclement weather.

Does someone need to be home during deck restoration process?

No, there is no need for anyone to be home provided that Two Brothers has access to an exterior water spigot and electrical outlet to run our equipment. As long as these conditions are met, it is up to the homeowner if they would like to be home during the restoration process.

What color should I use on my deck?

A brochure of color choices will typically accompany the estimate. On day 1 of the restoration process, Two Brothers technicians will bring any requested color samples for you to review, or leave behind samples that we feel would work well with your deck.

What is the lawn sign discount?

A standard 18”x24” corrugated plastic sign is placed in the homeowner’s property on the 1st day of the project. As long as the sign remains in the yard throughout the project, lawn sign discount is applied to homeowners bill upon completion.

How long before I can use my deck?

We recommend waiting 24 hours for light foot traffic, and 48 hours before you want to put any furniture back on deck.

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